Process Oil

End use products include:

“Under the hood” automotive parts
Pulp & paper defoamers
Spray oils for herbicides and pesticides
Automotive moldings
Sports equipment
Rubber membranes
Roofing materials
Textiles & textile fiber

Vigory process oils are produced under a QS 9000 quality management system, and provide users with exceptional performance characteristics:

Highly saturated
Extremely pure
Low volatility
Highly stable

White Oil

Vigory White Oil is a highly refined, premium quality mineral oil developed for use in food processing plants, consumer products and in other applications that require an exceptionally pure white mineral oil. It meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for purity and stability. It is NSF H1 registered and meets 1998 USDA H1 guidelines for incidental food contact.

Wax Emulsion

ASA 111-L is a water based emulsion of melamine fortified paraffin used as an anti-swelling additive for medium density fiberboards and particleboard.

ASA 111-L is an emulsion of high quality paraffin wax in water. Because of using high quality wax, you can REDUCE dosage of wax emulsion and increase profit.

Less dosage means less water is added to the panel board. Water is harmful to the internal bond because it weakens the reaction of the UF glue. Therefore, it improves the
IB when ASA 111-L at lower dosage with less water is used to control the thickness swell.

ASA 111-L also acts as a release agent.
It prevents resinated chips from sticking to the
prepress belt. ASA111-L Also helps preventing
premature hardening of glue before the hot press.

Tranformer Oil

Vigory refines, markets and distributes premium quality Transformer oil, a product which meets the relevant Industry Standards for new transformer oil.

Naphthenic Base oil

Vigory Naphthenic oils are made from crude oil distillates that are more nearly Louisiana-grade, rather than Pennsylvania-grade. They are rich in cyclo-paraffins which are also called naphthenes.



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